Nebula | Necklace


Mesmerising titanium-plated citrine stones that look as though they were coated with itsy bitsy tiny nebulae.

Set in 14k gold-filled findings. Please note that since these are natural stones, the shape of each stone may vary and thus, cause the look of each necklace to vary.

Length: 16 inches

What is gold-filled: 14k gold-filled material basically means that the core metal (usually brass) is encapsulated in a thick layer of 14 karat gold. As such, the value of gold-filled findings fluctuates with the rate of gold. The layer of gold is 100 times thicker than that of gold-plated findings, ensuring that the piece is tarnish resistant. If cared for well, gold-filled jewellery can last a lifetime. Gold-filled jewellery typically requires light surface cleaning with untreated cloth.

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